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The Seagrove area potters would like to invite you to share with them in strengthening awareness of one of North Carolina’s most intriguing heritages? ...Pottery...

The pottery that was, and is currently created in the Seagrove Area is a testimony to the events and elements that have shaped our American past and are still enriching our lives today.

The mission of the Seagrove Area Potter’s Association (SAPA) is to inspire awareness of the potter’s craft in relation to our area’s rich heritage; and to educate and promote the tradition which inspires us all.



Please Print This Page, Fill Out The Form Below, And Mail In With Your Check:

Send Check to:

PO BOX 309

Seagrove NC 27341

  • Name:_______________________________________________________________

  • Address:_____________________________________________________________

  • Email:_______________________________________________________________

  • Phone Number:_______________________________________________________


Friends Membership is: $25………… for an Individual
  $40 ………….for Family (benefits for two)

Seagrove Area Potters Association is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation under federal code 501(c)6. Membership funds are not eligible to be deducted as charitable contributions

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Information contained herein is deemed reliable but not guaranteed and is copyright protected. All rights reserved. The Seagrove Area Potters Association reserves absolute intellectual rights to all text and imagery and no portion of this website may be reproduced without the expressed written consent of said owners.

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